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Beyond Words – six artists’ publications commissioned for beyond words
8 September 2016

The Freedom Deficit by Between the Borders explores the collectives' ongoing concerns about issues of citizenship and migration.

Libita Clayton’s FORGET THAT GUY (message from a freedom fighter), is a set of postcards that unpicks the conventional history of abolition and slave trading through a series of ‘conversations’ between the monuments set in the ports of Bristol and Hull, and the artist herself.

Theresa Easton’s The Right and Freedom to a Home is a chap book produced from the material and words sourced from a collaboratively project hosted by Hull libraires exploring the housing crisis and activist campaigns resisting the devastating effects of homelessness and social cleansing.

In QTIPOC Assemble Jacob V Joyce illustrates a simple question asked of 42 queer, trans, intersex, and people of colour, If you had a super power to free yourself from white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and hetero-patriachy, what would it be and how would you use it?

Rudy Loewe’s Moving Through Borders explores the urgent crisis of the asylum and detention through personal testimony of those detained in immigration removal centres.

Described by Patrick Keiller (Robinson in Ruins, Robinson in Space, London) as ‘A joy to read, Nick Norton’s wonderful book brings a headlong, associative sensibility to the literature of landscape. I wish there were more books like it’, Nick Norton’s
AKA: A Genealogy of the Saddle, explores the freedoms afforded by the bicycle, connecting his own family history with emancipation, nature, and war, and figures such as the Dutch Provos, and Alfred Jarry.

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All these publications are available to purchase directly from the commissioned artists, via Book Works. Please contact for details.