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Common Objectives Series 2 (2013)
31 October 2012 - 30 November 2012


Book Works is offering up to four new commissions selected from open submission. We are particularly interested in the possibilities from individuals, groups or collective art projects producing printed material in a spontaneous or rapid manner, and we welcome proposals using various formats: from the tabloid, broadsheet, poster and the pamphlet, to web 2.0 platforms. We are not looking for works that have already been written, produced or performed, nor are we looking for projects that are already in progress – we want to develop a project with you. New commissions will be published from May 2013 throughout the year. We would encourage projects that have the potential to disseminate beyond the printed page, as part of a series of events from May 2013.

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Commissions to be selected by Book Works and guest editor Nina Power. For more information and how to apply please download this application form.

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