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All the Stories
Dora García   (2011)

The Second Edition of All the Stories is now available.

‘A man/ a woman recites all the stories of the world in a loud voice. When she is done, all the stories, all men and women, all time and all places will have passed through her lips...’

With the minimum of instructions and a restricted format of four lines, Dora García’s collaborative and participatory project has now collected over 2,500 stories. Ranging from mundane to the extraordinary, these four line vignettes reveal the shared fears and fantasies of the contributors, the pervasiveness of popular culture and the possibilities of the imagination.

Collected in the form of a book for the first time, this publication presents all the contributions up to 2011, and is published to accompany a live reading of All the Stories commissioned for Again, A Time Machine at Eastside Projects.

Co-published by Book Works and Eastside Projects as part of the Again, A Time Machine project.

Weight: 1000 g
Dimensions: 0 mm × 0 mm × 0 mm