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Alien Invaders: A Guide to Non-Native Species of the Britisher Isles (Volume 1)
Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan   (2006)

Researching invasive non-native species of plant and animal life, this collaborative project documents, through drawing and text, the discovery and history of selected alien species introduced to the British Isles, and the effect on native wildlife. Presented as a cross-pollination of fact and fiction, this wonderfully inventive book takes the form of an illustrated natural history guide, offset by the artists’ interventions. Ten alien invaders are categorised and illustrated, including: the American Bullfrog, Giant Hogweed, Spanish Bluebell and Wels Catfish. In the manner of a scientific guidebook each entry lists, ‘Category of Introduction’, ‘Problems caused by Introduction’, and ‘Efforts of Control or Eradication’, drawing on both scientific fact and often bizarre cultural anecdote.

Originally published in 2006, second edition, 2007.

Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: 0 mm × 0 mm × 0 mm