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Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight
Katie Paterson

2008. Edition 10 sets. Size: 250 x 160 x 110mm

A boxed set of 2 light bulbs simulating moonlight. The boxes are cloth covered with neoprene padding to support the fragile bulbs. The edition details are letterpress printed onto the inside lid and the title foil blocked on the outside of the box.

Dead Sea Scrolls
Facsimile Editions

2007. Edition 49 copies. Size: 545 x 317 x 190mm

The facsimile scrolls and fragments are cut and then the pieces scarf-joined or hand-stitched together replicating the originals. They are contained in a cloth covered archival solander box with each rolled scroll interleaved with archival tissue and safely housed in its own compartment. The titles for the work are gold blocked onto vellum panels and mounted into recesses on the front cover and spine.

Hooke's Law
Chris Piegza

2011. Size: 210 x 180 x 180mm

Mock crocodile paper covered filing cabinet containing a series of texts. The drawer slides out to reveal a series of titled files holding texts printed on to cards. The title is foil blocked in gold on the drawer front.

Red on Green
Anya Gallaccio

1994. Edition of 40 boxes. 3 sizes from 120 x 105 to 170 x 125mm

Black printed paper covered boxes with title foil blocked in gold on the lid and white printed edition details on the inside. Each box contains two coloured pastels made by the artist from the ground remains from rose blooms and stems. The roses originally formed part of an installation at ICA, London.

by Michael Craig-Martin

2007. Published by Alan Cristea Gallery. Edition of 40 sets. Cabinet size: 900 x 700 x 700mm

Specially created wooden cabinet with 26 individual drawers designed to hold the series of screenprinted characters of the Alphabet by the artist. The cabinets are sprayed in a range of different colours and each paper lined drawer pulls out to reveal the print.

New Religion
by Damien Hirst

2005. Published by Paul Stolper Gallery / Science. Varying edition numbers and sizes.

Individual sculpture cases covered with white leather to contain each of the editioned sculptures from the New Religion series. The cases for the four different sculptures have white satin linings and gold foil blocked titles. The Ox's Heart has a specially constructed holding device to allow the piece, which has scalpel blades, syringe needles and razor blades projecting from its surface, to be stored safely and easily withdrawn.

Music Box
by Joseph Kosuth and John Cale

Artists' multiple commissioned by Carl Solway Gallery, Ohio. Edition of 10 copies. Size: 360 x 220mm.

A 144 note clockwork musical mechanism is contained inside the cut out pages of this false book, and can be wound from an access point on the back board. The book itself is bound in black calfskin with foil blocked text panels inlaid into the front cover and spine. To enhance the sound quality the musical mechanism is mounted onto a wooden sound box with metal fittings running through to studs on the back cover.

by Sharon Kivland

Published by Book Works. Edition of 20 copies. Size: 140 x 110mm.

The Studio produced this silk covered sliding case to contain a ladies' compact. When the compact is opened the word moi appears as a reflection on the mirrored surface. The case is lined in satin with dulled silver foil blocking on the outside.

Itinerant Texts
by various artists

Published by Book Works. Edition of 40 copies. Size: 105 x 140mm.

This edition was designed to contain a series of 35mm slides by twelve different artists. Each of the slides are housed in clear polyester pockets bound together to create a small book covered in blue neoprene. The book is contained inside a white cloth covered slipcase with the title foil blocked on the side.

Ancient Proverbs
by Ellis Nadler

Published by Singularity Press. Edition of 50 copies. Size: 290 x 220mm.

The entire book was produced at the Studio with the illustrators' linocuts hand printed on the Atlas Press. The book was printed on Velin Arches mouldmade paper and bound with hand-coloured printed paper sides and a cloth spine. The book came with a cloth covered slipcase.

Frontispiece and List of Titles
by Terry Frost

Size: 460 x 430mm.

This Frontispiece and List of Titles accompanied a boxed set of etchings produced for the artist. The Studio regularly produces letterpress printed pages of this sort, with the method of printing creating the distinctive impression on the surface of the paper.

A Book of Numbers
by Avis Newman

Size: 290 x 290mm.

A cloth covered set of cases, folder and printed pages produced for the artist as part of an installation to be viewed with a 100 inch square graphite covered canvas. The sequence of printed pages were contained within this series of white cloth covered cases.

by Anya Gallaccio

Published by Multiple Store. Edition of 35 copies. Size: 150 x 150mm

In this work the artist placed a single bronze acorn amongst a group of genuine dried acorns, the patination of the bronze acorn making it hardly discernible from the genuine ones. The box is covered with polished brown printed paper and is lined with green velvet. The title is foil blocked on the lid.

by Paul Lincoln

Artist's multiple. Edition of 24. Size: 305 x 120 x 100mm.

An elaborate cloth covered folding case designed to contain an intricate set of instruments and equipment that form a central role in the artist's ongoing work 'The World and its Inhabitants'. When operated the device inflates a balloon using the cylinders of laughing gas provided, this reveals the name of the character from the series.

by Jonathan Callan

Published by Multiple Store. Edition of 100 copies. Size: 400 x 250mm.

This multiple is designed to lie open at a page which has laser cut text. The artist then forced silicone through the cut letterforms creating clear extrusions on the surface of the page.