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Santa Giulia Proposal
Foster & Partners

2008. Size: 460 x 370 x 32mm

Solander boxes created for an architectural proposal. The boxes are cloth and paper covered with a polished stainless steel edging around the outer wall. The stainless steel has been engraved with the title of the project.

Boxed Set
Led Zeppelin

2001. Unique. Size: 200 x 140 x 160mm

Series of CDs housed on individual sliding shelves inside a case. Each CD case has it's own designed cover, and the box had a hinged door that slides into a recess allowing easy access the music. The case is covered in bookcloth and paper.



Wedge shaped two-part box with lift-off lid created in a similar shape of the building it was representing. The box is paper covered with a specially created embossed pattern and is designed to contain various documents about the property.

by Michael Joo

2006. Published by Other Criteria. Edition of 20 sets. Size: 520 x 415mm

Solander box containing sets of 20 photographic prints. The box is cloth covered with a screen printed photograph wrapping around the whole of the cover and walls of the box. The boxed set has a screen printed paper frontispiece, and is lined with mouldmade paper

For Heaven's Sake
by Damien Hirst

Published by Other Criteria, 2008. Unique. Size: 245 x 220 x 325mm

Leather covered solid wood box with separate lid to contain the Diamond Skull. The skull itself sits on a white leather and silk quilted cradle to enable easy removal from the box, while the remainder of the box is made from the same white leather and quilted silk. Gold foil blocked panels on the interior with gold plated lock. The box appears completely plain on the outside when closed apart from the keyhole.

A Museum
by Langlands & Bell

2007. Published by Alan Cristea Gallery. Edition of 30 sets. Size 910 x 720mm.

Solander boxes made for a set of nine inkjet prints. The box is covered in white buckram with an eight colour foil blocked design on the front cover. The box is lined inside with mouldmade paper.

Sister Troop
by Gary Hume

2010. Published by Louis Vuitton. Unique. Size: 870 x 560 x 60mm

This box is part of a series of large scale leather covered solander boxes specially commissioned by Louis Vuitton for a series of screen prints. Four different works by the artist translated into coloured calfskin and goatskin using inlaying and onlaying techniques. Each of the boxes has a letterpress printed frontispiece to accompany the prints and comes with its own protective case.

Shadow II
by Anish Kapoor

2010. Published by Louis Vuitton. Edition of 5. Size: 530 x 670 x 45mm

Leather covered solander box for a series of nine photogravures. The boxes are covered in calfskin specially hand dyed to the artists' specification. Each box has its' own letterpress printed frontispiece to accompany the work, and comes with a protective case.

New Dharavi

2005. Published by GP Studio. Edition of 4 sets. Size: 325 x 440mm

Cloth covered binders and slipcase with an elaborate debossed and foil blocked design for a property development proposal. A CD case is housed in a slot along the top edge of the slipcase and can be accessed by a push button on the spine of the case.

The Goddesses, Folio I

Published by Mme. Edition of 30 copies. Size: 520 x 420mm.

The collection of pigment transfer prints from the Yevonde Portrait Archive are contained in a case with an interlocking lip on the front cover. This opens to allow the walls of the case to fold flat for easy access to the contents. It is covered in douppion silk with gold and cream coloured foil blocking, and is lined with velvet and paper. The frontispiece and list of plates accompanying the set were printed letterpress at the Studio.

Motorola boxed set

Size: 330 x 180 x 120mm.

This presentation set of four rigid sleeves covered in different bookcloths contain die-cut foam shapes each designed to carry a different CD Rom. The complete set of four sleeves are housed in an outer slipcase with the fronts protruding by 20mm. The slipcase and all the sleeves are blind debossed.

Solander box
for Atlas Gallery

Size: 380 x 480mm.

Atlas Gallery commissioned this unique solander box to house a series of mounted photographs from their collection. It is covered with blue goatskin vellum and has the name of the gallery foil blocked in red on the front. The box has a wooden structure and is lined with paper on the inside.

Print Portfolios

These portfolios are designed to contain sets of prints or photographs, and have retaining flaps of card or cloth covered board. Depending on the size of the portfolio any design of titling can be foil blocked or screen printed on the cover.

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary box

Size: 260 x 340 x 270mm.

The box was designed to carry various documents contained in cloth covered binders. The files are stored in the slipcase with access from two different faces of the case. This separates the two different types of material needed for the presentation. The slipcase and binders are foil blocked.

for Richard James

Size: 290 x 250mm.

A series of cases produced for the tailor, Richard James. The cases were specially designed to contain promotional material about the client's tailoring services. Each case is covered in a different suiting fabric, with an inlaid label and stud closure on the front. The inside of the cases were covered in vividly coloured satin linings as a contrast to the outer covers.

Solander box
for Roderick Buchanan

Commissioned by Lisson Gallery, London. Size: 325 x 230mm.

An ongoing series of commissions for various artists, these custom made one-off solander boxes are specifically tailored to contain different combinations and types of digitally recorded material such as DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes etc. Each of the cloth covered boxes has its own name and title foil blocked on the spine, and the gallery's name on the front cover. The rigid structure inside the box is paper covered over board. An allowance is made to add documentation if required.

Presentation Solander boxes
for Timothy Hatton Architects

Size: 325 x 325mm.

These presentation boxes are designed to contain promotional material. The box is made in the conventinal style of a solander box except for the framed tray on the inner right hand side. The boxes are covered with bookcloth and have foil blocking on the spine and front cover.

by Bill Brandt

Published by Bill Brandt Archive. Edition of 10 copies . Size: 590 x 480mm.

The Studio produced this silk covered solander box to contain a limited edition set of the photographers platinum prints. The title was foil blocked on the front cover and the inside lined with mouldmade paper. The prints were accompanied by a frontispiece printed by the Studio.