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Line Drawings
by Jane Grisewood

2010. Edition of 30 sets. Size: 155 x 110mm

Boxed set of digitally printed pencil drawings printed onto Zerkall mouldmade paper. Each paperback book is covered in a different shade of grey card with titles foil blocked in silver. A single paper covered slipcase houses all four books.

Meu Bem
by Beatriz Milhazes

2008. Published by Thomas Dane Gallery. Edition of 38 copies. Size: 350 x 300mm

This Artists' book was developed over a period of two years and contains a sequence of highly complex pages working from the artists' original collages. Every element of this book was hand produced for the edition including the sweet wrappers. The production involved screen printing, giclee printing, letterpress printing, foil blocking, die-cutting and collage. The book came with a transparent yellow perspex slipcase and an original single collage in a card portfolio.

Bob and the Magic Globe

2007. Unique. Size: 580 x 780mm

Primary School Project made into a large concertina binding from printed pages provided by the pupils. The covers are made from papier mache in collaboration with the children and were then painted and varnished.

Bacardi Books

2005 to 2009. Size: 230 x 300mm

3 different editions of books containing different cocktail recipes. The books are bound in black hide allowing the covers to be slightly floppy. The outer cover is blind debossed with a design and the edges are coloured red to match the first flyleaf. The foredge of the book has a leather tongue and loop to hold the book closed.

Avenue Road
So Creative

2011. 6 copies. Size: 430 x 600mm.

These promotional books for a property in London are bound in goatskin with inlays of black calfskin and wood veneer. The titling on the front cover is inlaid with sycamore lettering with a border created from polished burr XXX and black calfskin. The endpapers are made from a decorative waxed paper and the pages of the book are guarded together to make sewn sections with fold-outs showing detailed plans for the building.

Cahier d’Artiste
by Chris Ofili

2010. Published by Louis Vuitton. Size: 230 x 180mm

These two designs of leather bound notebook contain a short series of printed images by the artist amongst the blank pages, and a letterpress printed title page. They are bound in coloured goatskin with hand dyed flush fitting calfskin onlays depicting the two figures. The figures are then foil blocked and additional raised leather onlays applied.

Holy Bible
by David Hammons

2003. Published by Hand/Eye Projects. Edition of 165 copies. Size: 300 x 240 x 25mm

The book is an appropriation of The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp and is rebound in the style of a traditional leather bound Bible with gold tooled spine. The edges of the book are hand gilded with rounded corners and is housed in a cloth covered slipcase.

Stumbling Block
by Brian Catling

1990. Published by Book Works. Edition of 500 copies. Size: 255 x 125mm.

Designed and printed letterpress onto Zerkall mouldmade paper at Book Works, with hand-worked graphite impregnated covers. The title is blind debossed into the cover. The Special edition used endpapers covered with slightly fractured sheets of pewter leaf.

Full Spectrum Dominance
by Simon Norfolk

2009. Edition of 100 copies. Size: 210 x 160mm

Concertina format book with original photographs mounted into recessed plate marks. The captions and text are blind debossed into the mouldmade paper. The covers of the book and slipcase bound in Japanese bookcloth with foil blocking and blind debossing.

Rex Reason
by Simon Patterson

Published by Book Works, 2009. Edition of 20. Size: 145 x 115 mm

This special binding of the first edition of this publication is printed offset in four colours and bound with perspex covers in red, blue, yellow or black. The covers have laser-cut lettering and the spine is black calfskin with a white foil blocked title. The book is presented in a black slipcase.

Tilt the black flagged streets
by Ken Campbell

1988. Edition of 30 copies. Size: 290 x 220mm

This edition was printed by the artist and bound by Book Works using irregular shaped boards covered with a printed paper. The spine is separately covered in a black bookcloth. The slip case is covered in a similar printed paper to the book.

Engelhorn Collection

2004. Special edition of 4 copies. Size: 360 x 270mm

This privately printed book containing a catalogue of an art collection is bound in natural veined calf vellum. The cover has a reproduction of a Dali painting giclee printed onto a raised gesso surface. The front cover also has the title foil blocked in gold, and the headbands are hand embroidered. The endpapers to the book are moire silk and the edges of the book gilded. The silk covered solander box has a hand made enamelled crest on the front with silk velvet linings on the interior.

by David Bruce

2002. Edition of 200 copies. Size: 395 x 310mm

Special edition including an original platinum print onlaid into a recessed framed panel on the front cover, and an additional full size print included inside the book. The cover is bound in full brown goatskin with the entire back cover debossed with text supplied by the author.

All Books
by Liam Gillick

2009. Published by Book Works. Edition of 30 copies. Size: 215 x 140mm

A special cloth bound hardback edition with letterpress printed dust-jacket, hand-coloured by the artist. The book is presented in a transparent yellow and white perspex slipcase.

Ode a la Bievre
by Louise Bourgeois

2007. Published by Zucker Art Books. Edition of 95 copies. Size: 410 x 300.

This printed facsimile of the artists' original appliqued book was bound using hand dyed fabric specially made to create an authentic worn and stained appearance, and making each of the special editions slightly different. The title is blocked in a vivid blue blocking foil, and the book comes with a covered slipcase with the artists' name blind debossed on the front.

Cahier d’Artiste
by Anish Kapoor

2010. Published by Louis Vuitton. Size: 230 x 180mm

Bound in a reverse calfskin to show the irregularities of the dyeing process and then relief printed with the work for the artist. The bottom edges of the pages have been crudely dipped in coloured inks to create an ever changing pattern. Letterpress printed title page.

Cahier d’Artiste
by Gary Hume

2010. Published by Louis Vuitton. Size: 230 x 180mm

Three designs of leather bound notebooks including a prototype containing a few printed images amongst the plain pages. The books are bound in goatskin and calfskin using flush fitting onlaying techniques to designs created by the artist. The title page is hand printed.

Paradise by Night
by Chris Ofili

2010. Published by InBetween / Paragon Press. Edition of 40 copies. Size: 520 x 360mm

This leather bound Artists' book contains a series of hand printed lithographs by the artist to accompany a series of 10 poems by 10 poets. Book Works designed and letterpress printed the poems and text, and designed the book using foredge folds to avoid printing on both sides of the paper. Each book has a slightly different hand coloured cover working from the Artists' original, and uses calfskin and black goatskin for the binding. The feathered onlays are made from hand coloured goatskin, and the figure on the front cover is debossed with a colored ink. Each book comes with a solander box.

Six Moments of Sunrise
by Marc Quinn

2010. Published by Louis Vuitton. Edition of 4 copies. Size: 530 x 710mm

Produced as a leather bound book bound with a letterpress printed title page. Each book is bound in calfskin with flat and raised onlays of hand coloured goatskin following a work created by the artist. The book has hand embroidered silk headbands and comes with a suede lined solander box.

Times Atlas

Published by Harper Collins. Unique. Size: 450 x 310mm

Specially personalised fine leather bindings with gold blocked details of the recipient on the front cover and spine. The book is bound in goatskin with gilded page edges. The silk headbands are hand embroidered and the endpapers are Suminagashi hand marbled paper. Each Atlas has a special letterpress printed personalised introductory section and comes with a slipcase.

This Rimy River
by Vaughan Oliver

Published by 4AD/V23. Special edition of 400 copies. Size: 410 x 300mm.

The edition was bound by the Studio using clear perspex covers which are screen printed and engraved. Specially dyed orange calfskin is used on the spine which is then attached to the perspex covers along a rebated area at the hinge. The book is housed in a screen printed, crushed velvet covered slipcase.

Ferrari in Camera

Published by Palawan Press. Prototype binding for a special edition of 10 copies. Size: 350 x 350mm.

On this prototype binding we experimented with specially milled aluminium covers which are spray painted on both sides to a vehicle quality finish. The boards are attached to the book using metal rivets, with the leather around the spine of the book fitting snugly into a rebated area on the inside of the boards. The spine of the book is foil blocked in white, and the book housed in a paper covered slipcase. The final edition was available as a different variation of this design.

by Mick Lindberg

1998. Edition of 50 copies. Size: 330 x 325mm

A series of mounted photogravures with accompanying pages and captions printed letterpress at Book Works. The covers are made from french polished wood veneer. The spine of the book is left exposed showing the sewing structure of the thread and tapes. The prints were also available as a boxed set housed in a solander box.

Paints Ten Rooms
by Simon Patterson

Published by Locus and International Design Publishing. Special edition of 20 copies. Size: 305 x 250mm.

Commissioned as a special edition of the artists' monograph, the design involved having text running around all the edges of the covers. To fully achieve the effect of this design the Studio worked to tolerances of one third of a millimetre. The title is foil blocked in white on the spine and front board, and the endpapers printed letterpress by the Studio. The book is housed in a clear perspex slipcase allowing the viewer a clear sight of all the edges.

Ring binders, and binders to contain wirobound documents

Custom made, short-run binders to contain loose pages, or wirobound documents that are attached by a pocket inside the back cover. Both of these examples are cloth covered and have been foil blocked.

Japanese binding styles

This illustrates one of the numerous variations of sewing and binding styles commonly associated with Japan. French folded pages and closing devices using bone pegs are also traditionally associated with this style of binding.


Published by Phaidon Press. Size: 210 x 305mm.

The Studio was asked to make the prototype bindings for this commercially produced book. Working closely with the designer we made a series of different versions of the book to discover the best materials and the correct shape of the 'wave' for the pages and covers before the publisher went into full production.

The Brazen Oracle
by Mel Jackson

Published by Book Works. Edition of 1000. Size: 110 x 154mm

The photograph of books from a collection within the University of London Library was reproduced in a continuous folding concertina format. The pages are bound in a printed paper cover reproduced from one of the bindings in the Library. The title details are foil blocked on the front cover.

Dante's Inferno
by Tom Phillips

Published by Talfourd Press. Edition of 185 copies. Size: 420 x 315mm

This version of the three volume set was bound in vellum with printed silk sides designed by the artist. The books have embroidered headbands, gilded top edges, and the spine lettering is hand painted in Indian ink. The set is presented in a cloth covered, three compartment slipcase with a leather covered aperture edge. The books are placed on sliders for easy removal from the case.